Monday, April 27, 2009

Excuses, excuses!

Our sincerest apologies to all of our readers who wait on baited breath for another blog entry (at least we hope you're waiting!). We've been busy playing with these sweet girls the past few days and haven't gotten around to posting. We'll try to get you updated as soon as we can!

chicas bonitas, Lilian & Megan


Uncle, Aunt, cousins in IL said...

Ben & Krista-glad you posted...i was beginning to think you two might be down with the swine flu...just kidding, a little! Of course, thought of you when heard the outbreak was near Mexico City ..but realize Mexico is a large country & you are south of that area now anyway. I always love to read your posts and told my bro. about your travels, he is jealous! Loved Ben's shout out to mom & dad on the tandem bicycle and of course your foot tan lines, Krista. thinking about you guys and will continue to pray for protection as you travel...stay healthy. Beth

Krista & Ben said...

Thanks for checking up on us Beth! Fortunately we are still feeling healthy, but this swine flu is really putting a damper on things here in Mexico. Schools are being closed for almost 2 weeks as a preventative measure and tons of people walk the streets with surgical masks on their faces. Tourism in Mexico has already been hurting, but with this now, it's even worse! We're just hoping they don't put restrictions on border crossings because we are hoping to head into Guatemala within the next week!