Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Surfers + Hippies = Puerto Escondido

Becoming more and more popular with vacationers who don’t want anything to do with the crowded, commercialized resort towns, Puerto Escondido (Hidden Port) is best know for it’s astounding waves and relaxed atmosphere. Wanna-be’s for the most part, PE is full of foreign surf dudes and bohemian-esque babes. Of course there are tons of legitimate surfers there too, but they aren’t the ones flaunting their stuff all over town. Instead, they’re out in the water, making us all jealous of their skills.

Playa Zicatela

Upon rolling into town we hunted down the one and only RV park to find it filled with Semana Santa leftovers and not another single RV. But when in a pinch, our good friend Lonely Planet is always happy to help us out. We found our way to Beach Hotel Ines on Playa Zicatela, where we checked into a room with outdoor kitchen and hammock perfect for relaxing – just want we needed after busy Acapulco.

Finding ourselves overwhelmed by the heat, we didn’t really do much in PE. Because of the Semana Santa crowds we have been previously unsuccessful trying to surf and ended up out of luck here too. Oh well – we’ll just save the surfing for our return trip through Mexico. Ben did do some serious boogie boarding though, and he was happy enough with that.

showing off his rash burn!

Unfortunately because of some funky odors (trash & sewage) we really wouldn’t recommend Hotel Ines, but if they can get these things under control, it is otherwise a decent budget place to stay. Puerto Escondido on the other hand is definitely on our A list when it comes to Mexican beach destinations!

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aaron said...

i loved puerto escondido too. the waves were SOOO BIG the day we were there. luckily we found a smaller break down the coast that was actually more for our skill level. did you hit up any of the other little towns north of there (i think Mazunte, or something like that) that coastline is sooo pretty. enjoy!!