Wednesday, April 29, 2009

one more day

As I spend my last day in my 28th year strolling the streets of San Cristobal de Las Casas, I can't help but think about what the next year will bring. With our arrival in Guatemala just days away, I'm both nervous and excited to start something new. Hopefully it will be everything we have wished for and maybe even more. And with any luck, next year on my birthday instead of feeling the 30 year gloom overhead, I'll be enjoying the day in a life that I could have never imagined would be mine.

For the time being right now though, my mind is on an important matter.....what to wear. Even though we don't have any big plans, a girl still has the right to feel extra pretty on her birthday!

If I were back at home, I'd probably make one of these colorful pieces part of my birthday celebration!

Both from Anthropologie, of course!


aaron said...

happy birthday!! (slightly early)

so - what's your opinion - is San Cris or Antigua a better city to hang out in?

i think Antigua is probably prettier, but San Cris feels a bit more authentic with not as many tourists running around.

Krista & Ben said...

We've been debating the same thought since our arrival here. While we agree Antigua has a little more of the colonial charm, San Cristobal has less tourists and because it's bigger, more to do. Plus of course, I'm all over the handicrafts here...not so much in Antigua. Either way though, both cities haven't seen the last of us!