Monday, April 13, 2009

Puerto Vallarta in a nut seashell

Because of the craziness of this past week, when we drove into Puerto Vallarta Wednesday afternoon we knew it was going to be short lived. Really quite large and busy, PV is more of a city than a nice beach town. It does have charm with it’s cobblestone streets and meandering malecón, but not enough to help us stay, knowing that there were possibilities of small, quaint beach towns further south.

With ridiculously difficult directions to both of the RV parks, we gave that up and headed straight for Hotel Emperador (Lonely Planet’s author’s choice) – that was after first calling to see if they had availability. In a nice part of town (the Gay/Romantic area, the guy at the front desk told us), Hotel Emperador was good enough for a night, but would certainly not recommended by us.

We spent our night navigating the malecón, dining with water front views, and shopping for new trunks for my too skinny husband. The next day we spent a few hours taking in Old Vallarta, but didn’t find it nearly as charming as Old Mazatlán. Before we had even been there for 24 hours we were saying good-bye and not feeling too sad about it.

Sipping mojitos at La Bodeguita del Medio

Voladores de Papantla

Ben's firey dinner

the malecón at night

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