Monday, April 13, 2009

blasted in San Blas

After leaving Mazatlan we headed south to San Blas. We stopped at Playa El Borrego for some lunch and ended up at a place right next to Stoner’s (the American hangout). We were having great fun watching a Mexican family make fun of an All-American, Barbie & Ken’s California family next door at Stoner’s when we were blasted away by this:

Yes, that’s right – a 10 piece band right there next to us while we munched on our fish tacos and shrimp quesadillas. It seemed to go on forever, but we didn’t mind. I was amused watching the cute clarinet player’s eyes as they disappeared when his cheeks puffed in and out.

After lunch we headed out of town a bit to Playa Amor where were set up camp at Playa Amor Campground and met another young American couple who were traveling in a giant RV. Since Playa Amor wasn’t much on the playa (beach) we watched the sunset and went to bed early, trying to escape the mosquitoes. As we were packing up to pull out the following morning, the Mexican families started rolling in with tents in tow, to begin their Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations. This should have been our first warning of the craziness yet to come.

First we made a quick stop at a cocodrilario (crocodile park)

The view from Playa Amor RV Park

Down the road in the town of Las Varas we hit a milestone in the life of our Element – 10,000 miles. Even though only about 5,000 of those have been ours (we bought it with a little over 5K) we took pictures. Las Varas was having a Palm Sunday celebration, but we didn’t stop. We were on a mission….

Las Varas celebration

Wonder how many more miles we'll have by the end of this trip?

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