Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Could bigger be better?

Although the frequency of our camping has diminished the further south we drive (we just can't find secure places to park), we still sometimes ask ourselves the age-old question, "Could bigger really be better?"

Sure they have lots of luxuries, like clean bathrooms, satellite television and the ease of being able to pull into a camping spot, pop up their awning and sit down to relax, there are a bunch of downsides to driving a big rig too. We don't imagine that they are even able to go to some of the little towns that we've been to - there's no possible way that those rigs can maneuver around the tight corners of the central squares. And forget about driving the windy back roads where all the scenery is - those guys have to stick to the highways. And we don't even really need to bring up the topic of "is that really considered camping?".

Putting all of our occasional envy aside, we often ask ourselves,
"Are they having as much fun as us?"

No way!

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