Friday, April 3, 2009

Bienvenidos a Mexico Baja California

We crossed the Mexican border in Tijuana on Sunday, March 22. Ironically enough that day was also World Water Day and since Ben will be working as a water engineer in Guatemala, it couldn’t have been better planned. Is it just me or are the stars beginning to align for us? So, that gives us somewhere around 6 weeks to meander our way down to Guatemala.

After crossing we high-tailed it as far away from the border as we could, given all the warnings about border towns in Mexico these days, and made it as far as Catavina. In the middle of the desert (in a pretty barren RV park) is where we spent our first night in the ECamper.

our first camp site in the desert

The first few days we did a lot of driving -like 200-300 km a day- and saw a lot of cacti. When we did pass by other travelers, more than likely they were either a) from California or Oregon, b) driving a huge RV, or c) pulling their red-neck desert toys along with.

It doesn't get more macho than these!

It wasn’t until we reached the oasis town of San Ignacio that we finally felt like we belonged here in Baja. We found this cute little lagoon to camp beside at Los Petates RV Park and set up camp just in time to enjoy the sunset.

happy hour at the lagoon

The following day we took a 2-hour ride down a bumpy road to the Bahía San Ignacio where we went whale watching.

salt lagoon created from rain water & salty soil

waiting to see the whales

Watch and be amazed!

Ballenas - San Ignacio from Krista Lengacher on Vimeo.

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